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Monday, November 2, 2009

Is life too hectic to enjoy fully ?

look at the pace of life in city nowadays; rush, rush, and more rush to do more and more things in as short a time as possible. the rush for buses , traffic jams and the resulting frayed nerves are part and parcel of city living. try walking slowly in a luch-time crowd on the sidewalk and you will be jostled and pushed if not trampled on. everybody has got only a short break for lunch. so it is rush to fill the stomach , as quickly as possible , at a fast-food shop. everything become fast , otherwise one cannot cope , cannot meet the deadline. faster, faster maybe one will be dead faster too.even holidays are hectic isnt it ? the trend to see as many places as possible. so a two week guided tour of a country becomes two weeks of hectic shuttling between places , force-fed with sights and sounds of quickly forgotten stopovers. what does the tourist get from such a tour except a fatigue body and scrambled mind ?such hectic living is not for all of us. i prefer a slower pace of life where i can savor each moment as much as possible. it is crazy to rush and not see so many things around us. myabe we can learn somethng from William Henry Davie's immortal lines ;
what is this life if full of care ,
we have no time to stand and stare ?

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