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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

sem break

what should i do during
sem break ha?
i dont plan anything yet lah.
come and give ur opinion

i want to watch latest movie in GSC
but,what latest movie in cinema ha?
Alice in the Wonderland( like )
shopping with my friends.
yeahx.of course lahh.
but i dont have any money.
someone! please lend me ur
sleep 16 hours
studying 4 new chapter.
hm,i dont have mood la
to study during holiday time
study when exam time ya.haha
kata2 : best student =))
ronda2 kota london
remember this word!!
jungle trekking with pacat,
arghhh .
sing along with taylor swift
love story
ps:ily taylor swift
not suzuki swift
la en john ..
haha :D

get ROXY stuffs .

i hope i will enjoy my sem break with more memorable thing n memory
ohh,i forget about it
i have appointment with dentist la
hopely my teeth will be more
better. haha

and of course,i hope i will get good pointer in
my Final Exam

session July-Nov 2010
will be more happily and better better

lots of love

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