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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mizz Nina =)

You know her as the only chicky in one of Malaysia's premier hip-hop groups, Teh Tarik Crew (TTC) where she added that female pizzazz to the otherwise all-boy line-up of DJ Fuzz, Altimet and Fiquetional.

TTC's debut album, 2002's ‘How's The Level', put her on the map as one of Malaysia's very few female MC's, where she held her own against the boys. But their second and last album, 2004's 'What's Next', has left fans waiting for an answer.

Hang onto your sneakers because little Mizz Nina is all grown up and about to come into her own. It's time for the boys to step aside and let this lady of hip-hop do her thing.

great memoirs with them ***

i gonna miss this memoirs.
jalan2 di melaka cari baju Hi-Tea OM
gile kentang!!
pusing2 JJ sampai 5 jam.
cawat besi!hehe
ps:ily damn much **

ily my buddies

ily my buddies so much.
korang2 sume.
my classmates,my roomate.
miss you all.
semester Dis-Apr 2010 da abes.
cam cepaat jeh.
aku teringaat time MMS weeyh.haha
xsngke tadi last day utk sem nih.
hope jumpe korang lagi utk nex sem k.
and goodluck 4 result.
all OM batch get DL.

merdeka ke 1.

mood : lompat2 di pdg UITM.

teksi misteri di UITM

usaha+penat lelah saya mnjwb final exam

resultnya : saya da merdeka setelah 3 weeks menempuh hari2 exam .

sekarang ni saya just tunggu result jeh.hopelly I will get good pointer,many A's,DL.
ps: cuti nak wat ape nih?

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